Color Guard Audition Camp – Saturday April 25/26th

The April 25th and 26th Camp Weekend is our Color Guard
Here is some information about the audition process from Stephanie Waugh, our color guard caption head.

The work that has been taught at camps so far WILL be used as part of your audition. For those of you that already know it, you are ahead of the game and I will be looking at your progression throughout the winter camps with it. For those of you who do not know it yet, you will need to learn it. I WILL teach it again at auditions, however, we will be going much more quickly than we did throughout the winter. It may be in your best interest to get with someone prior to auditions and try to get familiar with it. If you are unable to do that, all of the work has been posted on the facebook interest group and you should become familiar with it that way.
In addition, EVERYONE will be learning an audition routine on each piece of equipment that you wish to audition on. This will be work that is in the show and no one will have learned this prior to auditions so this one, you will not need to prepare for.
As always, please let me know if you still have any questions.
Thank you

Brass Camp Weekend

Saturday, March 28at 1:00pm – Brass only camp!

Saturday: 1:00pm – 9:00pm
Sunday: 9:00am – 2:00pm

Where: Livingston County Highway Department Building
4389 Gypsy Lane
Mount Morris, NY 14510

Overnight Accommodations:
Bingo Hall in Dansville NY
161 Main St.
Dansville, NY 14437


The White Sabers Drum and Bugle Corps still has spots open in all sections! We are looking for dedicated individuals to help fill out of ranks! We are very excited to put our 2015 show on the field! Please come to camp this weekend and check us out! I’m positive you will enjoy your experience!

“Incantation and Ritual”
Segment 1: Incantation

Incantation and Dance – John Barnes Chance
Segment 2: Ritual Sacrifice

The Rite of Spring – Igor Stravinsky
Incantation from Quidam – Cirque Du Soleil
Segment 3: Uninvited

Uninvited – Alanis Morissette
Danse Bacchanale – Camille Saint-Saëns
Segment 4: Celebration

Danse Bacchanale – Camille Saint-Saëns

Bingo tonight! The weather has let up, so lets play Bingo!!

Come join us at Bingo tonight and win some money!

We have added prize money, new games and a progressive jackpot of $500!  Doors open at 5:30pm and we begin selling at 6pm. Game starts at 7pm. If you have any questions, call Leslie Amico at (585) 330-6960.

Thursday Night Bingo

161 Main St.
Dansville, NY


Selling starts at 6:00 PM
Early bird starts at 7:00 PM
Regular bingo follows

Admission is 3 faces for $3.00

Additional sheets available:
3 faces for $3.00
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